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David Grant - President
Steve Matacia - Vice President
Dave Pearson - Treasurer
Krista Brown - Secretary
Shane Fobian - Member
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Patterson Merkle Management
Open Position- Property Manager
Holly McCloy - Owner



The Millington was built in 1988. The development began as apartments and was converted to condominiums in 2004. The community consist of 43 residential buildings with a total of 328 units. There are detached garages for some units, a clubhouse with a pool, and tennis courts within the community.

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Welcome to The Millington Condominiums

What is condominium living? Condominiums, also known as "condos," offer many of the same amenities as homeownership except that the development is managed by an "association" that acts much like a cooperative's board of directors. Individual owners of condominium units share in the ownership of common areas, such as corridors and recreation rooms indoors and courtyards outdoors. The association makes sure that the common areas are kept in good repair.

A Homeowners Association is an organization of residents. In a condominium association, the buyer automatically becomes a member with the purchase of a condominium within the development. As a member, the unit owner has a voice and vote in the association’s affairs. These votes are cast during annual or special meetings of the Association.

The purpose of this website is to keep you informed as to the schedule of the Association meetings, the meeting minutes, and other information important to the Association members.

Please remember that it takes effort and cooperation to keep our community "looking good." Residents are encouraged to participate in the formation of committees and serve as officers on the Board of Directors.

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