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Did You Know – Sump Pumps

Hello Millington,

During our last heavy rain event, we had a total of 15 townhome basements flood. This was due to the sump pumps failing in a various capacities. There are two sump pumps for each of the townhome building. Each end of the building houses the sump pumps, so while your basement may not be flooding your neighbor basement is flooded. Since the sump pumps service more than one unit that means the association is responsible for the repair of those pumps, however, the homeowner needs to maintain and ensure they are working properly. The association will inspect the sump pumps annually to ensure they are functioning which means we will need to enter the units that have sump pumps. The homeowner or tenant will get a 24-hour notice prior to entry.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t for sump pumps

1. Do ensure that there is a 4-foot radius around the pump.
2. Do ensure that there is a walking path to the pump radius and easy access to the pump.
3. Do ensure that there is a lid to the pump.
4. Do not unplug the pump for any reason.
5. Do check the pump basin to ensure that it is free of debris and any personal effects.
6. If you see that float switch is not trigging the pump please call the office to have it inspected.
7. Do make sure you test the pump regularly by pouring about 5 gallons of water in the pump basin causing the pump to activate.

If you have any questions about your sump pump please reach out to the office.

The Board

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