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Important COVID-19 Update!

Hello Millington,

As we all know what is happening in the world about the COVID-19 virus. So as a board we will make sure we are taking the appropriate actions to protect our community and be there for our homeowners. As of this morning, the board has decided that the office will remain closed to all people but Heather will still here to support our community. What that means is that if you need to contact the office or the board you will need to do that from the Contact Us page or call the office. Danny and our contractors will still be working on work orders and projects. As the board makes more decisions about the community we will provide them on the website. As the media does cause a hype and stir within us all we would like you all to know that we need to make sure we are hearing correct information. Here is a link to the CDC website about the COVID-19 Virus.

We hope you all well!
The Board

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