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Important Pool Update

Hello Millington,

Last year many of our homeowners have had concerns about the pool lock and handle as some of you were locked in or locked out. We have heard you and last week we have gotten the lock replaced. What this means is the lock to the pool and the locks to the both bathrooms have been changed. We the board have decided that it was time as well to change the lock key as well instead of using what current keys we have. We have a lot of turnover within the community these last 30 years and I am sure that most likely half of Columbus has a key. So every homeowner will have to pick up a new pool key to be able to gain access. You will be assigned a key with a number for tracking and to ensure if lost we can return it to the rightful owner. You may go to the office and speak with Heather to get a new key. Only homeowners will be allowed to get the new key means that investors will need to come to the office it get a key for their tenants or email Heather authorizing their tenant to pick up the key on their behalf. I hope that since we replaced the pool lock that it will help prevent unauthorized guests from coming to our pool. If you have any questions please email the Board or the Office.

The Board

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